Finding a high-quality drug rehab center in Arizona may seem like a daunting task due to the growing number of options that are emerging year-after-year in different parts of the state. To serve as a helpful too, here is a list of the top ten rehab centers in Arizona:

  1. Pasadera Behavioral Health Network (Tucson): This substance abuse program takes mental health counseling and combines it with residential treatment programs and successful detoxification.
  1. Deer Valley Counseling (Phoenix): The counseling facility offers group and individual treatment programs. The therapist within the center focuses on cognitive-behavioral therapy that dissects old thought patterns.
  1. The River Source (Arizona City): The medical detox program at this facility focuses on the comfort and overall safety of each patient. It is known for its revolutionary approach to using a combination of naturopathic and medical treatments for detox purposes. For instance, its detoxification process occurs within a home-like environment in which prescribing doctors offer comfortable solutions and overall living throughout this burdensome stage of the treatment program.
  1. Mercy House Recovery Home (Tucson): This program uses a standard 12-step program combined with traditional sober housing for people suffering from alcohol or drug addictions. The patients who seek treatment from this facility are also able to live close to their work and public transportation – allowing them to live in a supporting and positive environment that makes it possible to enjoy long-lasting recovery.
  1. The River Source (Arizona): The programs featured at this center have placed it on the list of the best rehab centers in Arizona due to its use of such cutting-edge options as psychotherapy, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing and overall recovery.
  1. Hope House (Phoenix): This all-male center provides affordable living and is close to employment and public transportation opportunities. It also hosts 11 different on-site 12-step meetings each week.
  1. Clean Adventures (Prescott): This drug rehab and addiction therapy facility for men focuses on blending fun activities and trips – such as snowboarding, hiking and even whitewater rafting into its treatment program for high-quality results as it paves the way for patients to achieve their overall goal of recovery.
  1. Southwest Behavior Health-Metro Center Outpatient Clinic (Phoenix): This clinic provides something different for people in every single recovery stage –providing a vast collection of programs including day treatment, prevention education, inpatient crisis, outpatient clinics, opiate treatment and other levels of high-quality residential treatment.
  1. Arizona Behavioral Health Associates (Flagstaff): This quality treatment and counseling center provides substance abuse and treatment programs for adults and Clients are able to participate and communicate within group meetings on a weekly basis. They are also provided with the opportunity to enjoy one-on-one counseling with a member from its qualified staff.
  1. Cactus Counseling Associates (Tucson): This outpatient treatment facility provides a wide range of substance abuse therapy options within an informal and relaxed environment. Clients are able to get involved and travel down the road to recovery thanks to its individual and group therapy sessions within a location that is also accessible to public transportation.