Fitness is one of the greatest need in today’s world. The best way to build more muscles is taking proper protein. There are many Protein Bags available in the market. No matter which brand you use. There are some common ingredients you should look before eating any protein powder here are 10 ingredients listed below.

  1. WHEY

Protein with all nine amino acid particularly leucine, isoleucine, and valine are good for muscle protein synthesis. Whey contains the high concentration of amino acid leucine, which is easier to digest making it ideal source of protein.


Casein is Milk protein usually taken with Whey because it is a slow release protein. But it helps in micro traumatized during work out by sustaining the amino acid in bloodstream.

  1. SOY

It is just like Whey, fast release protein but the only difference is it is plant-based protein. So it is one of the great sources for vegetarians. Surprisingly it is the only protein which has all essential amino acid. Always opt for organic powder, because soy is genetically modified.


It is often considered that plant-based proteins provide lesser muscles synthesis. But researchers say that there is only a little difference in plant based and animal based proteins due to lack of one or more key of amino acid. However, when plant-based protein is mixed with leucine, the rate of muscle growth is similar to animal-based protein. They are many Protein Bags available in the market based on plant blend protein.


This Brown Rice protein is one of the great plant-based protein. Using brown rice protein is usually preferred to consume food with missing protein of lysine and leucine.


Pea protein typically yellow pea is one of the most popular sources for vegetarians and is also considered as high in the muscles building because it contains amino acids like arginine, lysine, and phenylalanine. However, it has some artificial ingredients.


Hemp is Hypoallergenic and essential fatty acid making it a great source for building muscles. This is also a plant-based protein so it is preferred to take it with protein source missing with amino acid lysine and leucine.


Creatine provides extra energy to the body making it the best source of muscle building supplement. Studies found that it doesn’t work well for everybody, however, whenever opting for creating go for higher than normal protein count.


Fish oil containing Omega-3 is a well-known source of health. But the studies have also proved that omega-3 help reduces post-exercise soreness.

  1. HMB

HMB is a product of Leucine. When Leucine is broken down one of its product formed is HMB (beta-Hydroxyl beta-methyl butyrate) Leucine is best for increasing strength and prevents muscle loss during training or dieting.

These are 10 ingredients you should look in Protein Bags before buying any Protein powder.