It isn’t just adults who can experience hair loss, a poor diet, hormonal imbalance and stress can also have an effect on teenagers. If you or your loved one is experiencing unusual hair loss, it is important to investigate the cause of the problem.

Hair loss in teenage

We usually link hair loss with elderly people, but unfortunately, it is normal for teenagers too to similarly encounter signs of hair thinning and balding. Hair loss may break up a teenager’s sense of self-confidence, as well as social life. For some teens, it can be especially traumatic. Hair loss in teenagers is often a sign of an underlying issue like a hormonal imbalance, a vitamin deficiency, over styling etc.

If you are a teenager and discover indicators of hair loss, then you are not alone. Currently, there is an increasing number of teenage boys and girls who are dealing with some kind of hair loss. There is a range of lifestyle changes that you could do to increase the health of your hair.

Causes of hair loss in a teenager

  1. Medication

Medicines can sometimes cause hair loss in teenagers. Commonly prescribed medications for teens like antibiotic drugs and those for treating acne and depression can contribute to an unpleasant side effect of hair loss. The cause of hair loss is quite common in young adults suffering from acne and depression.

  1. Hormonal Imbalance

Teenage is accompanied by hormonal fluctuations. The changing hormone levels can have a great impact on mood as on skin and hair. Hormonal imbalance can affect both genders and could cause hair loss. Girls taking birth control pills may also experience hair loss, although this can be reversed by switching to another type of contraceptive pill.

  1. Diet

For teenagers, a healthy diet plays a significant role in their growth, but for many, a balanced diet may not be the priority. Instead, they are more focused towards extreme dieting or unhealthy food choices. Which usually contributes to unhealthy skin and hair. A diet that lacks essential vitamins, proteins, and other vital nutrients can cause thinning of hair, or complete hair loss in both girls and boys. Many research studies revealed the link between lifestyle and diet influenced oxidative stress and hair loss especially in relation to the early onset of male pattern baldness in young men.

  1. Alopecia Areata

Alopecia areata is also known as male pattern baldness and is characterized as sudden hair loss which causes rounded bald spots or patches. It can present as one single bald spot to multiple patches in a larger size. Although the exact cause is not known, triggers are understood to include extreme stress, sudden shock, allergies, trauma, and a genetic element can also be the culprit. The children can affect men, women, and children of any age. The condition affects the scalp only, and it should begin to disappear gradually within twelve months. Treatment is available to accelerate the regrowth for those aged 16 and over. The more severe versions of Alopecia Areata are Alopecia Universalis, and Alopecia Totalis, which result in total baldness and currently have no treatment options. Finpecia 1 mg is extremely effective for treating male pattern baldness in men can be taken to resume hair growth.

  1. Over styling

Teens love to experiment whether we talk about their dresses or hair. Frequent use of chemicals on your hair is a way to damage. Most teenagers, especially boys, are known to indulge in hair gels and sprays that are extremely harmful to your delicate strands. Some may also love to experiment with bleach and colour that would ultimately lead to hair fall. Girls often make tight braids and ponytails which results in weakening of roots due to excessive pulling. Similarly, hair styling machines such as straighteners, blow dryers, and curlers can damage hair. The heat from these hair styling tools can cause split ends, and your hair may lose moisture.