There’s a huge world of possibilities when it comes to how human beings can consume the wide range of cannabinoids found in the cannabis sativa plant, most notable THC and CBD. Among the chief methods of consumption are: hand rolled cigarettes of ground dry herb called joints, pipes and bongs, vaporizers, and ‘edibles’, which are food items infused with THC. Edibles and vaporizers are hands down the healthiest ways with which you can get the benefits of cannabis at a very minimal cost to your overall health, but that isn’t enough to convince some people not to smoke at all. A lot of people continue to smoke despite knowing there are healthier ways to get high because of various reasons, often as simple as simply enjoying the act and feeling of smoking which is valid in itself. For those that do continue to smoke, it might be worth knowing that joints are a slight bit healthier than pipes and bongs for a couple reasons.

First, that filter in your joint is a wonderful thing. The slight obstruction of the airway actually filters a lot of the tar which of course enters your lungs freely in the case of a pipe. One might assume that the water filtration of a bong could filter more of that than a little piece of cardboard in a joint could, but surprisingly, the water filters more THC than it filters tar. The water mostly serves to cool the smoke so it feels easier to inhale large amounts of smoke, but you end up needing even more smoke and therefore more tar in your lungs than you otherwise would need with a joint, which actually filters out a good bit more of that harmful tar.

Health matters aside, joints have better flavor than pipes and while the best flavor might come from a bong, the tradeoff is pretty worth it with joints. Long, slow hits from a well rolled joint are hardly less tasty than a big fat bong rip, but the extra harm to your lungs from the bong isn’t really worth that extra bit for your taste buds is it?