Many seniors who are still working are making plans for a comfortable retirement that no longer involves working. The nation has recognized the need to develop attractive, stimulating, activity filled environments for the 71.5 million baby boomers that will be 65 and older in 2030. Independent and Assisted Living communities have sprung up all over the country, and have given an alternative option to care homes or nursing homes as the only option that existed in the past for those seniors who are aging and retired, still active, but prefer the security and conveniences they offer.

Assisted Living – also known as extra care housing, is often viewed as the best of both worlds. Residents have as much independence as they choose with the knowledge that personal care and support services are available if they need them. Assisted living homes are designed to assist residents with the activities of daily living if necessary. If residents need some support with dressing, grooming, eating or bathing, Assisted Living Homes are staffed with caregivers to provide these services. Depending on the facility they can also provide medication assistance and medication reminders if necessary.

Seniors who choose assisted living find out immediately that playing Bingo all day isn’t what they’ll be doing, unless of course, they happen to love it and start their own club. Assisted living communities are designed as homes with apartment styles that typically include studio and one-bedroom models. If residents so choose, their homes can include kitchenettes that feature small refrigerators and a microwave. Beyond their private rooms, residents have access to great rooms, activity centres, formal dining spaces, exercise rooms, outdoor patios and walkways. Activities include exercise programs such as stretching, yoga and water sports. Leisure activities include things like movies, live entertainment, games, craft clubs, reading and discussion groups, bowling, sightseeing and shopping excursions.

Meals in assisted living homes are served in formal, restaurant style dining areas that encourage friendship and socializing. Food staff services prepare nutritious, well balanced meals and snacks in a variety of themes to meet the various requests of their residents. Even if people like postal service employee, Morris Wilkinson and former model from Nebraska, Sally Gordon, have chosen to keep working, what they may not realize is that choosing a good referral service to find the perfect assisted living home is not only easy, but also far from boring!