Are you struggling with acne scars? What have you not tried without evident results? You shouldn’t worry because you have acne. Acne scar is common and happens to everyone irrespective of their age. Nevertheless, it tends to be prevalent in teenagers and women undergoing menopause.

You may be thinking, why do acne occur on my face? Well, acne happens whenever you have a hormonal imbalance. Any changes that happen in your hormones make the glands to generate additional oil more than what is produced. This causes your skin pores to become clogged up, which give bacteria the opportunity to grow. Now you know how acne come about on your face, this doesn’t stop there.

It is never enough to know how acne comes about, you need to treat them effectively. Perhaps you have tried everything you know and is now impatient because the acne leaves scars whenever a breakout occurs. This damage the glowing nature of your skin. The scars left are normally brown or red with trenched texture. The truth is that there isn’t a timeframe for them to occur. At times, it is better to look inward. There are lots of remedies to remove your acne but patience is required.

Are you ready to know how to remove acne marks from your face without spending a dime? Without further ado, let us explore these home remedies to removing acne scar from your skin.


The importance of exercise cannot be overemphasized. Exercising helps in getting your blood flowing and isn’t just beneficial to your fitness and health, it also helps in bringing blood to the capillaries under your facial skin. Sweats coming from your pores pushes excess sebum, which builds up and causes acne or irritation.

Take a long, hot shower

Another way of removing acne is by taking a hot shower. Not many understand the power behind this. Washing off your salty sweat during your exercise routine help in producing a brighter skin. This helps in opening up your pores. At this stage, your cleanser will be effective in removing any excess oil or bacteria in your pores if the steam during your shower takes a longer time.

Eat a skin-healthy dinner

A healthy diet is necessary to fight against acne. Ensure you eat a wholesome dinner comprising of fresh or lightly steamed vegetables. Additionally, avoid the intake of excess sugar including those found in complex carbs like bread. When you cook at home, don’t use much oil. Furthermore, avoid dairy because some studies associate it with causing acne.

Drink water, not alcohol

Water plays an important role in the human body. It keeps your body hydrated and functioning to its optimal level. If you fail to hydrate your body properly, you will have a dry skin. This dry skin may result in breakouts. Another thing to avoid is alcohol because it will further dehydrate you adding to your acne problem. Besides this, alcohol will have a negative impact on the quality of sleep you need to get a refreshed and glowing skin.