For almost two decades, BioFridge has been designing and manufacturing biomedical freezers and refrigerators to meet the needs of medical organizations. These products are adequate for meeting plasma refrigeration and blood refrigeration requirements of any organization. BioFridge has distinguished itself through the most reliable and efficient devices that are ideal for transport and safe storage of medical supplies. They are the premier supplier to blood banks, state and county health departments, the US Army and Air Force, centers for infectious diseases, universities, medical clinics and medical laboratories.

Diverse Product Range

BioFridge provides a wide array of products for meeting all plasma and blood refrigeration needs. Portable units are available as are high capacity refrigerators that will meet the requirements of large blood banks and hospitals.

Portable Units

At one end of the spectrum is the BFT-15, a compact 15-liter portable refrigeration unit that can be powered by internal batteries for up to 18 hours as a portable refrigerator. It can also function as a stationary unit indefinitely by connecting its 110-volt cable to any AC outlet. Its maximum power consumption of 40 watts makes it economically feasible and prolongs battery life. The portable units are powered by 40 ampere hour or 80 ampere hour built-in UPS systems.

The portable refrigeration units are a comprehensive solution for any contingency plan to safeguard your medical supplies against power outages and emergencies. These units allow you to transport costly medical supplies at ease in response to these scenarios. Under such circumstances, ice packs and dry ice are inefficient at preserving vaccines, platelets, plasma and more life-saving supplies that may be worth several thousands of dollars. BioFridge portable units are a great solution for these situations.

Stationary High Capacity Units

At the other end of the spectrum is the BFT-60, which gives a very large 60-liter storage capacity along with temperature precision and control that will prolong the life of medical supplies.

Temperature Sensing and Other Features

These state-of-the-art medical storage products are equipped with real-time temperature-sensing devices that can be integrated to your computer system for ease of monitoring and control. These are very user-friendly and the digital thermostat can be easily set to the required 3.5 to 5 degrees Celsius. Alarms can be set up for low and high temperature warnings. Digital technology and ease-of-use allow for high precision temperature control. Temperature records can be easily downloaded with the help of NIST traceable data logging. Internal fans allow for even distribution of temperature to prevent temperature layers from forming in the refrigerated space.


There are many benefits to using BioFridge medical storage solutions.

  • All products are CFC-free, use green technology and are therefore environmentally friendly.
  • The products comply with AABB Standards and Accreditation and the Code of Federal Regulations as well as federal guidance documents.
  • The company has aligned its standards with the International Society for Quality in Health-Care (ISQua) whose mission is to promote and foster continuous improvement in health-care quality and safety standards worldwide.
  • The units increase cost effectiveness and reduce waste to bring value to medical facilities.

BioFridge products comply with industry standards for continuous improvement, safety and quality.

Consider adding a BioFridge refrigeration unit to your facility for efficiently storing and safeguarding your valuable medical supplies.

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