Most physical activities put a considerable amount of pressure on the knees. If you are into running, basketball or weightlifting, probably your knees bear more strain than other parts of the body. While it’s impossible to eliminate injuries altogether, it is possible to reduce the risks with a knee compression sleeve. As the name hints, knee sleeves are meant to protect the knees from injuries. Please note that sleeves are very different from knee braces. In this post, we will talk about knee sleeves and other aspects that matter.

Quick facts

As mentioned, knee sleeves are NOT knee braces. Braces are basically used to protect the knees from an existing injury, whereas sleeves are designed to reduce risks of injury. Should you use knee sleeves? Well, besides being great to look at, this is a versatile product that has been used athletes and sportsmen for decades now. Sleeves are usually made from materials that offer considerable compression on the knees, which enhances blood flow in the area and reduces pain and swelling. It also helps in reducing injuries, both during and after a workout, especially when you are lifting or squatting. Please note that sleeves cannot be used for existing deep injuries, but can offer relief in cases of compression.

Benefits at a glance

Knee sleeves offer natural pain relief to the knees during physical activities. If you have pain, muscle cramps and discomfort, wearing a sleeve over each knee will help in reducing the effects. It also minimizes your dependency on painkillers. Sleeves can help in bettering the blood flow and aids in regulating the overall temperature of the area, which can offer a soothing effect. With knee sleeves, you can seriously train without worrying about frequent injuries.

Tips for buying

First things first, choose a brand that stands for itself. Knee sleeves can be expensive, but it makes sense to buy a product that offers genuine value for money. Secondly, you need to find a product that’s moisture resistant and is hypoallergenic at the same time. Sleeves need adequate care, given that the knee area is prone to sweating. Make sure that you check the wash and care instructions before buying. If you are looking for good prices and genuine products, it’s best to look online. Try to buy the product from the manufacturer, so that you are assured of the quality.

Lastly, focus on your form and technique, because most knee injuries are related to common training and game mistakes.