Nowadays, apart from its picturesque tourist spots, Spain is becoming famous for one of the most miraculous reasons ever, its largest Assisted Reproduction group in the world. Spain is deemed to be a global leader in reproductive medicines.

People travel for fertility treatment abroad

Researchers claim that patients from more than 185 countries visit Spain for their fertility treatment. Because of the rush, there had also been some frustration reported due to the waiting times. Doctors also claim that for decades, they have been noticing an increase in the numbers of patients traveling to Spain for fertility treatment purposes in order to receive donor eggs. They also believe that the numbers will continue to rise as egg donation in Spain is totally anonymous and altruistic which is also an attractive prospect for many people.

Why is Spain considered a prime destination for fertility treatment?

There are a number of reasons why Spain is considered as a prime location besides being a more high profile and advanced. The regulatory climate in Spain is considered more lenient when it comes to other countries which include the legal and social framework which makes this miracle accessible to everyone. According to a law in Spain, every woman who is above 18 has a right to retrieve or use any techniques related to Human Assisted Reproduction Techniques regardless of marital status or sexual preference.

Who are the egg donors and what does this donation entail?

Researchers classify the egg donors in three main groups: friendly young women, mothers and empathetic women surviving by solidarity. The first groups receive about 62 percent of donors as they are aged between 18 to 25 years and have been raised in a culture friendlier than the last generations. They are empathetic and supportive.

What about the language barrier?

As Spain is so accustomed and visited by people all over the world, mainly for the fertility treatment purposes, all the IVI clinics in Spain are equipped with multi-lingual staff, hence breaking the language barrier. Almost every fertility clinic provides customized treatment in your native language. When you arrive at a clinic, you will be assigned a mentor who will stand by your side right from your arrival at the clinic through to its completion. This helps in offering reassurance and reducing anxiety because of unfamiliarity at this stressful point of time.