You may call it great genes or sheer good luck some people can maintain a perfect 20/20 vision throughout their life. Then there are others who need to take care of their eyes, whose eyesight may not be sharp and right. Therefore, wearing eyeglasses and contact lens are part of daily routine. However, there is a good side to it.

Recent studies have reported that people who have far sightedness or near sightedness suffer less from any eye diseases as they visit their optometrist and gets an eye exam done at certain intervals. Please note that myopia and hypermetropia is not a disease, it is just an eye condition, where the eye lens cannot focus exactly. Now, let us check when you must have an eye checkup done and how to save cost out of it:


Ophthalmologist may be expensive but there are always several eye exam coupons available in various eye related websites that you can opt for. You can also find discount vouchers. However, most of these vouchers are applicable to location specific doctors. Therefore, before buying you must check the category eye doctor near me and then buy in a bundle to reduce further cost. You can also find clinic specific coupons. These will help you in regular eye examination smoothly.

 There are several serious eye problems that may cause eye injuries and illness but here we will discuss when it is imperative for you to visit an eye doctor.

Painful eye socket

Painful eye socket occurs when there is excessive eye strain and mostly happens to people who spend most of their time in front of the computer or wear lenses for longer period of time. This problem may be exaggerated by bright light, migraine, sinus and cold. You can apply tear drops or eye lubricants for keeping the eyes moisturized but if the pain persists it is suggested to visit the doctor. You should schedule and eye exam and get a checkup done.

Red eye

Red eye condition is mainly referred to as the pink eye syndrome and it is common in city people. This happens mainly due to pollution and dust. Contact lens wearers may also get affected as the oxygen gets cut off. Red eyes can sometimes become excessive teary or dry. You must immediately get a checkup done as soon as you see a red eye. At times, the red eye can also denote blood vessels problems and retina issues. Do not let it go unnoticed.