Pollution can take a toll on your skin and if you are staying outdoors for most of the times, chances your skin is getting damaged by the harmful chemicals and UV rays. As a result, your healthy skin may get dull, damaged, pigmented and even prone to breakouts and acne.

To protect yourself from this kind of situation, you need to adopt a healthy skin care routine that involves facial toning. Not only will it freshen up your skin but make your skin glowing over a period of time.

Get to know what facial toners are:

Facial toners are liquids that can be applied with cotton or as mist. When you apply it on the skin the liquid tightens the open pores and improves its tone and texture. Most of the people have open pores in their T-zone especially on the nose and forehead.

However, some people also have open pores on their cheeks. Commonly, open pores are result of an oily and acne prone skin and thus excessive sebum production may hamper the healthy appearance of the skin and rip it out of its moisture.

Facial toner is astringent in nature and thus it tightens the skin making it uniform and clear. At the same time it acts as a catalyst when you apply moisturizer or cream. It enhances the result of the cream thus applied. Another benefit of using toner that we must not deny is that it acts as a shield to anti-wrinkles and sagging skin.

Why you need to use toners?

From acidic to alkaline:

One of the most important reasons why toners must be a part of daily routine is for their power to restore the skin’s natural ph level. Our skin is acidic in nature and toner makes our skin alkaline which in turn helps the cell to improve its cellular activity. Thus you can reduce the premature onset of fine lines and pigmentation.


Toners can also be termed as anti-irritant agents as they can successfully reduce inflammation of the skin. Thus in case you are suffering from frequent breakouts and facing acne problem you must use toner. Not only it will reduce the excess sebum production but also prevent germs getting clogged up within the pores.

How to buy a toner

While you are buying a toner you must ensure that your toner is alcohol free. Any toner which is alcohol based can give you fast results but it has its potential side-effects as well. In the long run it will rip off the skin’s natural power to restore and balance itself. Therefore it is highly recommended that buy a toner that is skin friendly.