Dental implants are high-technology replacement teeth which mimic the entire teeth structure. A titanium root is inserted into the bone and used for supporting a denture, bridge or crown. A dental implant feels, acts and looks like a real tooth and is expected to last forever when properly cared for.

Dental implant technology has become a top notch tooth replacement solution due to its benefits over earlier treatments. And with contemporary dentistry innovations, the majority of patients can gain maximum benefits from them.

In case you have a missing tooth or more, or have decayed or broken teeth which might be impossible to repair, Columbia MD dentists will recommend implants. When you are not comfortable with your partial denture, bridge or dentures, implant technology can benefit you.

Before, patients who had insufficient bone or with some health issues or habits weren’t considered implants candidates. Advances in bone reconstruction and diagnostics have made it possible for the majority of these patients to get dental implants. Below are the major benefits of these implants.

Look Like Natural Teeth

Dental implants can restore your ability to fully chew. The majority of patients cannot tell the difference between the implant tooth and their natural teeth. They can eat with the implant as well as brush and floss it normally.


Can Last for Life

A dental bridge can last for just about ten years or so but a dental implant can last a lifetime. Dental implants are made from titanium and incorporate the jawbone. They are bio-compatible which means that they are not toxic and the body does not reject it.

Prevent Bone Loss

When there is no tooth, the jawbone deteriorates in the empty space because of lack of stimulation. When no implant is put during the first year of losing a tooth, such bone loses 25 percent of its volume and this can continue over the years.

Keep Adjacent Teeth Stable

The mouth’s gap from a missing tooth can cause adjacent teeth to shift crookedly towards this gap pulling the teeth out of position and impacting your biting and chewing ability as well as your look. This can cause interference which makes tooth replacement challenging later. Also, a poor bite can result in problems with the temporomandibular joint and can lead to headaches and pain.


Help Keep you Free of Gum Disease

The missing tooth gap can serve as a trap for bacteria and food and can result in gum disease.