It has been a fact that men and women have different kind of bodies. Despite several kinds of exercise have been common for both sexes, such as weight lifting, aerobics, cardio exercises and more, duration and repetitions of these exercises would vary largely. It would happen, as both would look forward to having different body shapes and wish to target diverse areas of weight loss. For instance, women may mostly wish to lose weight on their hips and thighs while men would focus on muscle building.

Different body shapes listed with website

Different kinds of body shapes would be listed in the health websites. These would be inclusive of the pear shaped bodies, apple shaped bodies and other similar kinds of body shapes. The pear shaped bodies would be referred to people who would be heavier on the bottom. It would be inclusive of the legs and the thigh region. The apple shaped body would be the people being heavier on the top and slimmer at the bottom. Therefore, in order to deal with specific body types, different kinds of regimes would be needed. For instance, the pear shaped ones would be required to focus more on aerobics and cardio exercises. It would help them lose weight in the right areas.

However, the apple shaped ones would require emphasis on weight lifting along with upper body exercises. It would help their upper bodies to be in shape with the lower part of the body. It is common that both men and women with this shape structure have been highly vulnerable to heart diseases. Despite the pear and apple shaped body structures have been referred to women, there would be men also having pear shaped bodies. A majority of men have been shaped heavier on the top and narrow at their legs.

Websites to help you find solution

In order to deal with these kinds of problems, several kinds of websites would provide the closest solutions for your body types. This has been more of a generalized weight loss package that mostly works for a majority of people. These kinds of exercises have been based on a collective group study where the effects of these health routines have been suggested to customers after being experimented.

Common suggestions by health websites

Numerous health website presently suggests healthy, but frequent consumption accompanied with exercises suggested by them. This is imperative so that a healthy body structure would be maintained. The frequent eating would also help in improving the metabolism rate of the body. A common thing to look for in the health website has been your one rep max on Squat Max Calculator.