Visiting a dentist is a nightmare to most people. If you also belong to the same group, then you must know that by visiting sedation dentists, you don’t have to experience the pain that is caused by the dental treatments or surgery.

 The anxiety of pain and the feeling of the moving instruments inside the mouth is the reason behind the increasing anxiety of many patients sitting on the dentists’ chair. It can cause serious trouble to the orthodontic surgery as with the increased blood pressure, the dental procedure can be hampered.

If you’re diabetic and tensed at the same time while visiting the dentist, things can also turn out to be unfavorable for your health. Sedation dentistry is thus the most preferred option to most people that are scared of the pain caused while undergoing the dental treatments.

Sedation dentistry- In a nutshell

The dentists help the patients to relax with medication which ensures mild sedation. The patients remain conscious and can see what the dentists and his assistants are doing inside the clinic and can even talk slurry. But the best part is, they cannot feel any pain inside the mouth even when the dentist is undergoing root canal or dental implant surgery. Besides, the sedation is also preferable for cleaning the teeth and for the treatment of plaque and gum diseases. But for some special cases, such as any serious orthodontic surgery involved with maxillofacial treatments etc, the patients can be completely sedated with anesthesia and make them unconscious throughout the process.

Different types of sedation used in dentistry

Oral sedation

Oral sedation is done with any medicine belonging from the family of Valium. It ranges from the minimum to moderate sedation and the patient is asked to take the pill around an hour before the procedure. If you’re asked to take that pill, after sometime you will feel drowsy but not completely unconscious. For many dental practitioners, oral medication is the finest way of sedating patients partially.

Inhaled sedation

If your dentist will offer you to breathe nitrous oxide popularly known as the laughing gas combined with oxygen through a mask, which will be placed upon your nose. Don’t worry about the sedation, as most people drive back home after that.

Besides these, the IV moderate sedation and deep sedation like general anesthesia are also processed by the dentists considering the depth of the procedure.