Laser scar removal is becoming a more and more popular treatment at dermatology clinics around the world.  Many people still perceive it as a fad or snake oil treatment still though.  With the way laser technology and our understanding of their effects on human skin cells has advanced in the last decade, this is becoming a tried and true method for reducing scar tissues.  When the procedure is performed by a licensed dermatologist or skin care professional, you can be sure that you will be getting visible results.  New technologies using different types of lasers are even now being approved by the FDA and dermatology panels for home use!

Laser scar removal techniques employ a variety of lasers and technologies that cause various reactions in the skin to help aid in fading scars.  Using bursts from the lasers, they’re able to penetrate beneath the outermost layers of skin and into the fresh and natural layers underneath scar tissue.  Most work on the same principal, creating a reaction in either your upper or lower skin tissues to promote growth of collagen or new skin cells, and to help tighten skin together.  Certain lasers are also designed to damage the outermost skin layer, leaving a fresh layer of skin exposed to heal over time into a smoother surface.

Laser scar removal will usually require some time to heal after the procedure and may have certain requirement contingent on what type of treatment you will be receiving.  Depending on what treatment you undergo, you could be looking at sedation during the procedure and weeks of recovery.  Others are relatively painless and take only a few minutes to complete.  Some home-based treatment devices use less powerful lasers to provide the same affects you would get from a treatment from a dermatologist, which means that while it may take longer to see results, there is minimal recovery time needed.  Cost is another factor to consider when it comes to laser scar removal.  Certain procedures cost hundreds or thousands per session, and you may require multiple sessions to achieve your desired results.  This has led to many new devices that can be used at home and are in high demand.

Laser scar removal is a great option for many people seeking to reduce the amount of visible scaring on their face, either caused by acne, wounds, or other skin ailments.  Consider what time you can a lot for recovery, and whether you will be able to care for your skin properly after the procedure.  The most important thing you can do is seek an evaluation by a professional to help them decide what device, treatment, or combination is best for you and your skin.