Have you ever wondered why so many steroids in the market? What are different ones used for? If all are used for building body itself why are various steroids manufactured?  Well, there is a definite purpose for each one rendering different results according to diversified requirements of body builders.  Some steroids work wonders in providing great muscles, some for vigour and strength, some act well in cutting cycles and others in bulking. The exquisite needs of athletes are often not the same and intake should also be in such a way that it meets the unique requirements.  Refer https://steroidly.com/ for relevant data regarding what to be used when and experience maximum benefits. Don’t forget to take a professional help before planning a cycle for yourself.

Let us take a quick analysis of some popular steroids and for what purpose they are used.

For weight loss:

Anavar: This anabolic steroid is perfect for weight loss and fat loss. This helpsyou gain muscle mass and at the same time gives you lean body which is a rave among athletes. This can be made an integral part of your cutting cycle stacked with clenbuterol or HGH to give you the maximum benefits. Many anabolic steroids cause water retention which again can lead to weight gain. So it is better to stack it with the right steroid.

Winstrol:  Winstrol is mainly used to lose weight and cut excess fat. But it can also be used to gain weight. This can also be used along with Testosterone which is popular as cutting to get great results.

Apart from the above, Trenbolone can also be used for weight loss stacking with other relevant ones.

For strength:

Testosterone: It can be used both for bulking and cutting cycles. It has fewer side effects and therefore considered best for beginners.  But it also comes with its own side effects like gynecomastia, high BP and water retention.

Dianabol:  It is used for muscle mass gains. It also provides good strength and stamina. It is most often considered the best with higher strength levels during workouts and to provide better focus during exercise regimen.

Deca durobolin: This is particularly known for its off season results. You can experience the difference in your body even after weeks of its usage. It also provides good relief to joint pains and helps in enhancing overall strength.

Anadrol:  Anadrol also works like Dianabol in giving strength and improving muscle mass. It also helps in protein synthesis and improves aggression.

For bulking:

Trenbolone:  It is considered oneof the best and is known for its property of nitrogen retention. More nitrogen means more bulking up.  Experienced users claim to have gained solid hard muscles and great strength.

Deca Durabolin: It enhances protein synthesis and is known for its muscle gain property. It is fast in giving results and increases stamina to a great level.

Oral steroids:

There are many oral steroids that give you great results. Some of them for bulking are Testosterone, Dianabol and Anadrol. For cutting Anavar, clen and Winstrol work well.

A careful study has to be made before taking up a cycle to learn about the side effects of each steroid as they can be harmful to the body.