The realisation that you are losing hair can be devastating. Hair loss can occur for a variety of reasons. It can be a genetic; if someone in your family has a bad case of hair loss, such as your father or your grandfather, there’s a chance that you will begin to lose hair at some point in your life as well. Genetics play a very crucial role in the onset of hair loss in many women, though it isn’t the only factor. Some people start suffering from hair loss due to an improper diet. Your hair requires an adequate set of nutrients and proteins in order to grow and remain healthy; if you aren’t providing your body with the right amount of nutrients, you will immediately begin to notice an effect with your hair.

There are numerous options available to women and men who are suffering from hair loss. For starters, you can opt for a hair transplant, which involves removing hair from other parts of the body and planting them on your head. Hair transplants are expensive, and there’s a chance that they might not work as well. Also, most men and women are generally scared of surgery on their heads, and avoid going for a hair transplant. Thankfully, there are non-surgical hair loss solutions available as well.

How Do They Work?

Private hair loss clinics such as Hair Solved offer a range of non-surgical hair loss solutions to their patrons. They have their own proprietary hair extension system that women can go for. The hair loss extension system is designed for women who want to opt for a non-surgical hair loss solution and, it is relatively easy to install. The enhancer system hides virtually all signs of hair loss and also allows you to live your life exactly as you would without having to worry about anything. The enhancer system will be installed on your head and on patches where there is severe hair loss. The enhancer system is made specially for customers in order to ensure that it looks completely in place for every customer.

More Information

You should know that only human hair is used in the wire mesh that will be installed on the head. The enhancer system is designed to completely fade out of view and it will be impossible to see it even at close range. You should know that no heat or glue is used when installing the mesh, as that could ruin your scalp. The hair is applied in small sections so as to mimic the fall and the movement of the natural hair. Depending upon the makeup and appearance of your hair, the clinician will guide you about which type of hair and texture is suitable for you. Once the enhancer system has been installed, the company will also give you a proper cut and style as well to make the transition as smooth as possible.