Over the course of century medical technology in India has developed to a great extent. Raheja Hospital in India has shown that technology has grown to a great extent. The Healthcare has launched the app name “The Vocalizer” which is founded by an onco surgeon name Dr P Jagannath at Raheja hospital. This app helped many patient who cannot communicate due to the endotracheal tube. This tube hamper the vocal ability of a patient. Which case the communication gap for the patient to express the feeling and needs to his caretaker and giver.

Earlier hospital use to hand written notes to communicate which is very difficult for patient as well as doctors. Dr Jagannath noticed the communicating gap and after many sleepless nights he invented  an application which remove the hurdle of communication. This Application have more than 60 situational voice over which help patient to communicate. This app can be downloaded through Android or IOS platform. Dr Jagannath has helped many patient who cannot communicate post surgeries.

Sunil was the first user of the application. He was admitted to Raheja Hospital from 65 days out of which 45 days he was on ventilator. He can move only his eyes and fingers because of which he cannot express his needs and feeling to the patients. After the use of vocalizer he started expressing his needs and requirement to his care taker and giver. When he fell cold due to the ac temperature he use app to communicate that he is feeling cold. When he need to change the side of bed he communicate through vocalizer that he want to change the bed side.You can book appointment with doctors through clinicspots.

Another case was of a 15 year old boy who was suffering from the jaw cancer and to kill the cancer cells doctors has to operate a jaw surgeries. Because of his jaw operation it createda barriers for communication. With the help of the vocalizer app he pinged doctors or nurses of Raheja Hospital whenever he need to meet his mother or when he want to play on his I-pad (without sim).

With the development in the medical technology Hospital doctor and his team helped many people stay connected with their family members and caregiver. This app has not only helped patient but also doctors to understand the need of patients. Now doctors can communicate with the help of vocalizer.

According to Dr P Jagannath “Many patients in the ICU have an endotracheal tube that takes away their ability to speak even though they are conscious. In several cases, we see patients are not able to speak after surgery. The app offers visuals with voiceovers for as many as 60 possible situations in the ICU. This is an effort to enable better communication between the patients and their families as well as the staff in the ICU.”

Dr Sanjith Saseedharan, Head of ICU, Fortis S L Raheja Hospital, Mumbai, who worked alongside Dr P Jagganath to create the app, said “The Vocalizer is a major breakthrough for us, showcasing exemplary usage of technology that can help better healthcare services across the country – this is the start of medical advancement in communication. We are happy to have taken a progressive step towards facilitating better communication between the ICU patients and their caregivers & loved ones.”