Breast enhancement is one of the single most popular cosmetic procedures performed all over the world every year. But for some women, the idea of getting breast implants is unappealing. For individuals looking for another way to enhance their breasts, fat transfer breast enhancement can be an excellent choice.

Rather than using an implant, a breast enhancement via fat transfer uses your body’s fat to enhance your breast size. Fat is harvested from the thighs, stomach or hips, purified, then carefully and precisely injected into the breast for an enhancement that looks and feels more natural.

When to Consider Fat Transfer for Breast Enhancement

Fat transfer breast enhancement can be a good choice if you want a mild to moderate breast increase and want to avoid having implants. If you have visible sagging down of the breasts, a breast lift with implants or without implants will achieve much better results than a fat transfer. Merely increasing breast volume through fat transfer by itself does little to reshape or lift the breasts.
What If I Don’t Have Enough Fat?

It’s a myth that slender women cannot undergo fat transfer. In most circumstances, a highly skilled plastic surgeon like Dr Andre Safvat, one of the best plastic surgeons in Sydney, can harvest enough fat for breast augmentation from even a slender woman. If you are thin, you may need to gain a bit of weight before your surgery. A consultation with your plastic surgeon is the best way to determine whether or not you have enough body fat to “transfer” for your breast augmentation procedure.

The Advantages of Fat Transfer Breast Enhancement

100% natural

Breast enhancement via fat transfer will only use your body’s tissues, so the results look and feel very natural.

– Virtually scarless

It is important to know that only tiny incisions are used through which fat is harvested and injected.

– No Implants

Avoids the risks associated with implants like implant rupture, malposition and capsular contracture.

The Disadvantages of Fat Transfer Breast Enhancement

– A limited degree of augmentation

A fat transfer can only increase up to one cup size.

– The fat can be reabsorbed by the body

Most of the top cosmetic plastic surgeons administer fat transfer especially carefully, so the survival of transferred fat is maximised. However, some of the transferred fat will be resorbed by the body.

– Does not lift the breast

A fat transfer will not be able to correct sagging breasts caused by weight loss, age or pregnancy.

– It’s more expensive

Because fat transfer breast augmentation is really like conducting two procedures at the same time, it is often more expensive than breast augmentation using implants.

Your Next Step to Naturally Gorgeous Breasts

A fat transfer procedure can be an excellent option for breast augmentation if you just want a modest enhancement. But it has downsides too, like higher costs and the possibility of fat resorption. It’s important to look at the disadvantages very carefully before you decide between implants and fat transfers.