Writing a statement of purpose is not just a regular essay. A lot of students treat it this way. In reality, it is an essay about your achievements, but you need to add a unique touch. Educational institutes receives dozens of applications annually. With the rise in Dental student popularity, it becomes even more important to stand out. When you read your personal statement, it should strike some emotion. It is not about making up stories to sound more interesting. You simply have to tell your life story in a way that sounds empowering.

All of our life stories are different. You might not have had to overcome the same obstacles as another person. That does not make yours any less. A sop for dental school is a requirement in your application. Read through a few examples and see how you can improve it and apply in your own statement of purpose. Here are some great tips you can use when working on SOP.


A lot of students do not create an outline before tackling an essay. You want there to be a flow to your work. Think about all of the stories you want to include in your statement of purpose. Write these down and make a list. Now you want to start with your most interesting one. Creating an outline allows you to streamline the flow in your essay.

Be a storyteller

When you are trying to explain what you have been to up until this point, tell it like a story. Everything that you write down should be based on facts, but it does not have to sound that way. It should not sound like a newspaper article. Instead, it should sound like an interesting book. We connect much easier with people when we write the way we speak. You, of course, want to make sure that everything is grammatically correct.

Give details

Instead of saying you led a group at school, go a bit more in detail. Give examples or scenarios where you flourished as a leader. This is really an important fact that a lot of dental school aspirers miss. It is the details that will help you stand out. Your stories are unique to you. Many students might have led a group, but the experiences differ. When you look at dentistry personal statements this is crucial to help draw in and engage the reader.


Do not send the same generic statement of purpose to all of the schools you are applying for. There needs to be something unique about each one you write. This needs to be customized for the school you are applying at. Even if it is a few small changes. These changes can make the biggest difference.

Be authentic and honest

Always be yourself when you are writing an important essay. No one can say something the way you do. Do not try to sound too professional. Leave that for the person writing the recommendation letter for dentist. Just be yourself and it would be appreciated. You want to be accepted for who you are. There is nothing wrong with being formal in your writing, but you want to keep it conversational.

First draft. Then edit

This is just a general writing tip, but it applies to writing a sop. When your creative juices are flowing, you want to continue with it. Leave the editing for when you are done. There are always going to be little mistakes in the first draft. The final draft will be better. For now, focus on your storytelling.


Do not underestimate the amount of time it takes to write a statement of purpose. You want to start as soon as you can and not rush it close to the due date. Give yourself enough time to really do your story justice.