You may hate it when you feel like everyone is just staring at your poor skin condition if you too suffer from rosacea and that redness captures everyone’s attention, right? Plus, the enlarged pores can make it even worse. However, there are best treatment options available these days that can help to minimize appearance of large pores and rosacea.

What is Rosacea?

Basically, it is chronic skin disorder that can cause severe to mild redness of face. It often appears on the patients after age of 30. The ones having fair skin have highest risks. Its symptoms include flushing or blushing easily, acne-like bumps, persistent redness, visible blood cells, etc. Some of the additional symptoms are rough appearance, eye irritation, swelling, and thickened skin.

When it comes to pores, they are generally small openings in skin that protects it from external environment along with brining required oils to surface. The pores that are blocked can cause acne. If you already suffer from the acne breakouts, there are chances that you will have enlarged pores.

If the pores become clogged with oil called sebum, it will stretch. This oil is responsible for causing acne. Before mid-twenties, your skin may be able to restore to its original state after the pores are unclogged. However, in the late twenties, your skin may lose elasticity since it begins to age. It may ultimately cause pores to remain enlarged. When acne combines with rosacea, it is together termed as acne rosacea.

Best treatments for Rosacea

While it is true that symptoms as well as the triggers for rosacea may vary from one individual to another, you should always contact a right dermatologist to prescribe or even suggest some kinds of treatments for you. You should even contact Dr. Elise to get the best guidance in terms of the choosing the right treatment as well as clinical care before, during, and after that treatment.

Photorejuvenation is one such treatment that helps to address several cosmetic issues of face’s as well as body’s skin like angiomas, telangiectasia, transitory or sudden redness, rosacea, etc. All these conditions can be effectively improved by this treatment.

For rosacea, this treatment can be the best alternative to taking anti-fungals or anti-biotics. It is indeed one of the major benefits of opting for this treatment.

These treatments are very safe and rewarding as well. They are proved to resolve all skin abnormalities without any risks.