Due to growing culture of unhealthy lifestyle and fast food habits, there is a rise in cardiovascular diseases among majority of the population worldwide. As many of us do not have time to maintain our body and health by going to the gym every day, having elliptical machine at home can come handy.

Elliptical is easy to use and moveable workout equipment. This machine has treadmill as well as cycling, so that you can take advantage of both without switching to different machines for exercise. You can continue all your other daily activities along with the workout, which saves up your time without ignoring your health.

The elliptical machines are user friendly and simple. However, these machines come with dos and don’ts which the users must follow. Many do not bother to read the instruction properly and end up making mistakes, leading to injuries.

Here are a few common mistakes that you must avoid at any cost.

Workout till you are exhausted

Without your efforts, you cannot expect any gain. Many a times, we take the elliptical machines for granted without putting in any hard work and effort. We cannot achieve the desired result until and unless we do not strive to work hard for it. So, it is very important that we work out till we are completely exhausted.

Keep changing your workout

Change your workout routine, as it is needed for burning of more calories than usual. You can keep changing the settings of the machine at every interval to boost and improve your workout regime. You can either set it with variable speed or constant depending on your requirements.

Put less pressure on your feet

This is the most common mistake each one of us make. The main purpose of working out using elliptical machine is to cut down on calories, and this is not going to happen if the machine has to do everything for you. You need to make your body work using this equipment to gain the desired results.

Never be hooked to single machine

Let your body not get used to single machine, rather keep hopping on to various other machines for different exercise to strengthened your muscle and stamina and to increase your metabolism.

Before you buy one, it is recommended that you go through the Best Exerpeutic elliptical review on their website to make the right choice of brand.