Excessive strain may be the major cause of pain in the heel. However, in certain cases, it may occur due to trauma caused to the heel. It would be pertinent to mention here that the initial part of the foot that contacts the ground when you walk would be the heel. Therefore, the heel bone, also known as the calcaneus would be the most part of the foot that would be under stress when you walk.

How does pain occur in the heel?

The foot arches are designed to stabilize the feet when you walk. The bones present in the middle of the foot would be compressed together with ligaments and tendons. The muscle, flexor digitorum brevis has been known to hold up the arch. However, when abnormalities in your walk may cause the structures, connected to the bone of the heel to swell, tear or inflamed, you would suffer prolonged pain.

Brief knowledge on heel pain treatment

The tearing of flat and long tissue along the bottom of the foot causes the foot to become inflamed. It would be a highly painful situation for the person. He or she may not be able to stand on the foot or even put slight pressure on it. It is a serious, painful and progressing condition leading to full rupture of the tissue. That would mostly happen in serious cases. It would be pertinent to mention here that heel pain treatment could be time consuming. You would be required to visit the podiatrist regularly for the treatment to take effect and heel to heal. It would take roughly six months minimum for the treatment to take effect and heal the condition completely.

Let us explore some of the causes and preventions for heel pain.

Cause of heel pain

There may be several causes leading to épine de lenoir. Some of them have been discussed below briefly.

  • Trauma

Chances are higher that the heel pain erupted due to trauma caused to the ligament and tissues in the foot.

  • Hereditary

In event of this disease has been prominent in other family members, chances are higher that you may also suffer from the condition.

  • Overweight

In case, you were overweight, chances are higher you would develop or even suffering from the condition already.

  • Physical activity

Any activity that would increase the impact to be absorbed by the foot more than three to five times would result in the condition.

Several other factors would also increase the chances of you suffering from the condition such as the type of foot, walking bare feet, arthritis and more.