Earlier, the procedure of hair restoration came with an old method that was not highly relevant in the field of the cosmetic solution of baldness. Eventually, in the 21st century, it modified a lot and now an advanced answer of the pattern hair loss. In the period 50’s and 60’s the procedure has a lot more complexity towards the surgical implications as it involved the pain and scar along with the troubled incision and manual suture, but now with the advancement in the procedure technology, technique, tools and equipment makes the procedure an easier option. The hair transplant procedure involves the surgical removal of hair grafts from the donor location and then placed into the receiving balding zone via the process of extraction of hair roots that confirms the possibility of getting the required number of grafts and fulfills the expected goal of the implantation. Choosing the hair transplant option in Jaipur, India is becoming more famous owing to the reasonable cost option availabile as the hair transplant cost in Jaipur generally ranges between 1 lacs-3 lacs that are considered to be a cheaper option rather than the procedure selection in the western world countries. So, it is always a good decision to get the procedure done in India.

The Hair Transplant Procedure in Earlier Days:

The procedure of hair restoration is being on the scene since 1950’s, but the form of the treatment of restoration job was a complex and bit tough as previously there was a very little development in the tools and technology that predominantly affected the procedure relevancy and outcomes. In the year of 1975, Dr. O’tar Norwood developed the Norwood scale of baldness that measures the extent of hair loss on a particular scale. This scale categorizes the baldness degree that has 7 categories as the degree increases along with the extent of the loss. The procedure was in the picture, but only the creamy layer of people was accessed to the surgery because of the heavy cost involved and the clinic was also very few in numbers at that time. But, gradually things become changed and now it is just an easy service and permanent solution for the pattern baldness.

The Hair Transplant Procedure in Today’s World:

Nowadays, the hair transplant procedure is an advanced method to sort out the problem of Androgenic alopecia permanently. The advancement in tools and technology with the innovation in the method of extraction completely revive the procedure and all possible at an affordable cost in India. Now the common people can also get access to the restoration procedure and cost is not a complex issue anymore.

What Innovation and Advancement make the Procedure as the best Option described below:

  1. Advancement in the Method: There are two types of hair transplant technique in the restoration world, namely, the FUT hair transplant and the FUE hair transplant. Todays, the FUT or strip harvesting technique comes with the advanced method of closing technique, a Trichophytic closure that helps in achieving a scarless outcome of the procedure. To make the procedure a painless the surgeon uses the local anesthesia that can give the effect of numbness up to 8-10 hours. So, there is advancement in the technique now, either the way of extraction via the FUT or FUE hair transplant method. The FUE also comes with the advanced tools, especially the punching tools that support the faster extraction of grafts.
  2. The cost is highly Reasonable: The cost is not a mega issue in the hair transplant procedure as a number of clinic establishment in the country make the option all available and cost is just an influencing factor to influence the outpatients as well. India is providing the best budget-cost plan to satisfy hair loss patient at large scale.
  3. The Cutting-edge Technology: The cutting-edge technology has widely accepted by the most of the reputed clinics in India that supported the best value outcome of the procedure. The technology advancement includes the microscopic dissection of grafts, clear visualization of grafts as well as the use of Carl Zeiss lenses helps in achieving the desired cosmetic outcomes of the procedure.


It is a valuable decision to choose the hair transplant procedure if someone is affected with the pattern baldness. The restoration procedure of hair allows the regrowth of hair into the balding area of the scalp with all the natural touch and beauty.